Maureen Doucet, Bridgewater Nova Scotia denturist

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Maureen Doucet, Bridgewater Nova Scotia denturist

Maureen Doucet D.D.

Maureen Doucet opened LaHave Denture Clinics in Bridgewater in 2001 and the following year added her Shelburne clinic. Maureen is a licensed denturist and a member of the Denturist Society of Nova Scotia and Denturist Association of Canada.

Maureen genuinely cares for each patient's comfort and concerns. She strives to achieve the best possible function, fit and appearance of your denture. She works very closely with several local dentists and oral surgeons. Please don't hesitate to have a conversation with her or come for adjustments. Your oral health is a joint effort and "I am happy to work to achieve that with you," she says.

Jenny Zinck, final denture processing

Jenny Zinck, Final Denture Processing

Jenny has worked with us for ten years. Her field of expertise is in the fabrication and finishing of dentures. She also enjoys the more challenging repairs and is proficient at tooth and clasp additions.
Jenny enjoys her work and always has a smile for everyone . . . and sometimes a hug!

Emma Bruhm, Lab Technician

Emma Bruhm, Lab Technician

Emma started working with us in June, 2017. She does much of the preliminary work in the process of denture construction, such as pouring and trimming the stone molds and making the wax plates for try-ins. Emma's specialty is same day relining of dentures to achieve a better fit.

Audrey Andrus Hebb, denturist assistant

Audrey Andrus Hebb, Denturist Assistant

Audrey has worked at LaHave Denture Clinic since 2001. She is very capable in all aspects of denture construction. Although her field of expertise is the creative process of making an attractive, natural looking smile, she is very skilled at achieving the best possible function and appearance of your denture.

"Caring for you & your smile!"
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