Maureen Doucet, Bridgewater Nova Scotia denturist

Maureen Doucet D.D.

Maureen Doucet, Bridgewater Nova Scotia denturist

LaHave Denture Clinics Limited

Bridgewater & Shelburne, Nova Scotia
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Bridgewater Nova Scotia denturist team

LaHave Denture Clinic Team from left: Audrey Andrus Hebb, Denturist Maureen Doucet DD, Jenny Zinck & Emma Bruhm.

LaHave Denture Clinics are located in Bridgewater and Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Every patient has individual needs. The customizing of appearance, style, color, construction, comfort and fit, are all completed by our professional, caring team.

Properly fitting dentures deliver a winning smile. The resulting improved oral health benefits the rest of the body. Call 902-543-5111 today for a free consultation appointment. You will be glad you did!

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